Going for goldresponsibly

We believe that being environmentally and socially responsible is essential to kirkland lake gold’s operating and financial success. we are committed to integrating and promoting sustainability into all facets of our business.

We continuously seek to improve our performance by advancing key health, safety, environmental, economic, employee and community engagement priorities, including:

  • Ensuring we provide a safe working environment
  • Implementing responsible environmental practices and effective environmental management systems throughout our organization
  • Creating meaningful opportunities for local employment and training
  • Developing community relationships based on open and honest communication
  • Ensuring that the communities in which we operate benefit from our presence

We are committed to providing timely updates about our progress and performance.

Going for gold responsibly

To download a copy of our latest sustainability report, please click here.

Sustainability Report 2021 Sustainability “Teach-In” Presentation

Global Sustainability Report 2021

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As part of Kirkland Lake Gold’s aim to continuously seek to improve our performance by advancing key health, safety, environmental, economic, employee and community engagement priorities, we have begun implementation of the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP) across our operations. The RGMPs represent an internationally recognized framework for responsible gold mining across the mine life-cycle.

In 2020, our corporate office and sites conducted self-assessments against the RGMPs and have been implementing detailed action plans to address gaps and enhance internal guidelines and processes.


To download a copy of our Year 1 implementation report and independent assurance statement, please click here.

RGMP Implementation Report

Health & Safety

Kirkland Lake Gold is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders. We strive to provide a zero-harm working environment through our integrated health and safety management system.

We focus on continuously improving our performance in order to deliver on our health and safety commitments. Kirkland Lake Gold will:

  • Never compromise on any of our safety values.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations, as well as our own standards.
  • Work together with our employees to develop and implement high standards.
  • Integrate health and safety into all aspects of our operational decisions and activities.
  • Establish relevant and measurable indicators to determine our performance.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through appropriate awareness and training, fitness for work standards, and occupational health programs and benefits.
  • Communicate openly and honestly about our performance in a timely manner.
  • Maintain high expectations of our employees, contractors and suppliers to work in a safe manner.

To fulfil our commitment to health and safety, we aim to improve our performance continually by regularly reviewing our objective and targets; engaging with our employees and stakeholders to improve and implement our integrated health and safety management system; identifying and managing health and safety impacts, risks and opportunities; measuring and reporting performance transparently against our objectives and targets; and communicating regularly with our stakeholders about our health and safety performance.

To learn more about how we are fulfilling our commitment to health and safety, please download our Workplace Health & Safety Policy.

Workplace health & safety policy

Our People

We employ nearly 3,000 people at our Canadian and Australian operations, and we encourage each and every one of them to contribute to their full potential. As we grow our global operations, we are committed to creating meaningful career opportunities for our team.

We focus on building the talent and capacity of our employees and on providing our diverse workforce with the tools and training they need to do their jobs properly and safely.

Our corporate culture is to treat all people with respect and dignity. Kirkland Lake Gold actively fosters health and wellness in the workplace by offering our employees various social, wellness and recreational programs for themselves and their families.

Enduring economic value

Kirkland Lake Gold’s activities generate significant and enduring economic benefits for the communities in which we operate.
We believe in contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of our local and regional economies by:

  • Creating long-term employment opportunities and providing competitive wages and benefits
  • Contributing to regional supply chains through the purchase of local goods and services
  • Contributing to government revenues through the payment of taxes and other fees
  • Ongoing investments in our community through sponsorships, donations, scholarships and grant programs
  • Providing opportunities in sustainable economic development through ongoing support to our employees, their families, and to local and regional businesses
Kirkland Lake Gold Economic Value
Kirkland Lake Gold Economic Value