Mission & Values


We launched our Mission and Values company-wide in 2016, as a means of rallying our workforce around a common set of ideas that express what’s most important to us and how we want to work. Our Mission and Values are a product of facilitated employee focus groups, informal discussions and hours of internal conversation.

Each Value carries a specific meaning that we seek to uphold in our decision-making and interactions with one another and with our broad range of stakeholders, including shareholders and local communities:

  • RESPECTED, by caring about and being considerate of others
  • ENGAGED, by seeking to understand and do better
  • ACCOUNTABLE, by owning our actions and celebrating our successes
  • COMMITTED, by positively promoting Detour’s goals and interests
  • HONEST, by communicating upfront, timely and transparently

Case Study

Activating our Mission & Values

Detour Gold is a growing company that, in less than 10 years, successfully transitioned from exploration to full operation. In 2016, we were at a point where operations had stabilized and we were ready to optimize our approach to the new “steady state” environment. The time was right to articulate a company-wide mission and values to help take us to the next phase of our development.

While our mission: Getting it Right was set by the CEO and senior leadership team, the values that support this mission were primarily driven by our employees. Key contributors at all levels of the organization identified the behaviours they see in their everyday work that help our company succeed, and those that detract from it. Their input through facilitated discussions was key to establishing a set of company values that are authentic to who we are and reflect our employees’ lives and aspirations: Respected, Engaged, Accountable, Committed and Honest.

Throughout the rest of the year, we undertook a communication campaign to build understanding among employees and turn abstract ideas into tangible actions, so that we do in fact live and breathe our mission and values. In addition to creating a unique visual identity, the campaign included presentations, leaders’ kits, emails, posters, newsletter articles, and engaging “value of the month” activities. We kicked it off by briefly stopping production and bringing everybody together to mark a new beginning for Detour Gold.

Importantly, our mission and values campaign also promoted safety in a significant way. While our values are fundamental to who we are, safety and safe production are the only acceptable ways to work at Detour Gold and we wanted our people to know that we have to “get it right on safety” before anything else.

The Business Case

for a company-wide Mission & Values

Studies have shown companies with a clearly stated Mission and Values:

  • Attract top talent: Our Mission and Values make us unique and people who share similar values will want to work with us. Northern Ontario is a competitive market for mining talent. Our mission and values help us stand out from the pack.
  • Retain talent: Building a culture where people have a higher purpose while they’re working helps to maintain a level playing field.
  • Are safer and more efficient: Behavioural and cultural changes that happen when working together towards a higher purpose creates employee engagement. Engaged employees are safer, more efficient and actively seek ways to improve the business and decrease costs. Our Mission and Values empower people to put safety first, and make the right decisions at the right time.