Governance Structure

DMA: Compliance

Detour Gold’s Board of Directors sets the tone for a culture of integrity and compliance throughout the company. We are committed to upholding high standards of business ethics and transparency and complying with applicable laws and regulations. Policies and management systems support our commitments and detail processes for managing risks and issues.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of our Board directs our sustainability efforts, with the participation of key members of the senior management team. The Committee oversees health and safety, environmental and corporate social responsibility policies and practices, and is ultimately accountable for setting sustainability priorities and assessing performance.

Our Internal Audit function helps us evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our risk management systems, internal controls and governance practices to assist in identifying legal and ethical risks, ensuring sufficient employee training, and developing standards and processes for ethical business practices. Internal Audit reports on the company’s standards and conduct directly to the Chair of the Board’s Audit Committee.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is written to ensure that directors, officers, employees, contractors and consultants understand the importance we place on ethical conduct. The Code holds them to clear and strong principles relating to business integrity, public disclosure, insider trading, safe and non-discriminatory employment practices, and environmental, safety and occupational health practices. All employees must read the Code and confirm in writing that they have done so. All managers and above must review and sign off annually on all corporate governance policies.

Everyone is expected to take responsible steps to prevent violations of the Code. They also have a duty to report any suspected wrongdoings (violations of the Code, governance policies or applicable laws or regulations) to a supervisor or the Chief Financial Officer, or to follow the procedures set out in our Whistleblower Policy. Violations of the Code are investigated and may result in termination.


We have put in place policies that express our commitments in key areas of corporate responsibility. To learn more about our governance practices, visit:

Supply Chain


Our supply chain process sets out the procurement and inventory management procedures for acquiring goods and services, including professional and advisory services, but excluding transactions such as business acquisitions. Among the primary objectives of the process, we aim to:

  • Identify, implement and support sustainable supply chain management processes and practices that provide best overall value, minimize risk and deliver tangible improvements to business performance
  • Support local businesses and create opportunities for Aboriginal business participation
  • Ensure that the company applies appropriate purchasing strategies, dealing in an ethical manner with all Aboriginal partners, local and regional suppliers and advisors
  • Ensure accountability for purchasing decisions and for use of the company’s funds – the company’s funds must not be used for the personal purchase of goods or services for employees, nor can employees personally benefit from the company’s procurement practices
  • Provide an audit trail and reporting of purchasing and procurement activities, to ensure that procedures are followed and internal controls are maintained throughout the process, through to recording transactions in the company’s accounting ledgers