Honest Dialogue

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Engaging openly, honestly and regularly with our stakeholders is an essential part of our approach to sustainability. Through dialogue, we build trust and mutual understanding, and are better able to make decisions that create shared value.

Detour Gold’s stakeholders include investors, employees, Aboriginal communities within the Detour Lake area, the Town of Cochrane, local businesses/suppliers and local land users. These are the groups that are most affected by our business and with whom we engage most frequently.

We have formal impact and benefit agreements (IBA) with four Aboriginal communities: Moose Cree First Nation, Taykwa Tagamou Nation, Wahgoshig First Nation, Métis Nation of Ontario.

We engage with our Aboriginal partners through joint implementation, environmental monitoring and employment development committees, as well as by hosting community open houses and participating in community events. Company management meets directly with community leaders throughout the year.

Our Aboriginal Affairs and Communications departments manage information requests and general communication. Aboriginal communities have appointed their own representatives who have direct access to Detour Gold staff in the Environment, Employment, Training and Contracting departments.

2016 Activities


Activities in 2016 included discussions about the mine closure plan and the proposed West Detour development project.

Topic How We Responded
Closure Plan

After three years of commercial production, we sat down with our Aboriginal partners to update the existing mine closure plan. In response to their concerns about waste rock and water management, we created a work plan and are addressing issues through joint discussions with provincial regulators and our partners.

Efforts have included workshops on water quality targets, sharing our water balance data/model, and site visits. As part of the West Detour Environmental Assessment and Closure Plan Amendment process, we have also committed to addressing the concerns in a consolidated closure plan.

West Detour Project

In 2015 and 2016 we worked closely with our Aboriginal partners to ensure the proposed West Detour Project draft Environmental Study Report ("ESR") would reflect their input

During the community pre-consultation stage of the process, stakeholders expressed concerns about the increased footprint of our main pit and in late 2016 requested a Federal Environmental Assessment. Detour filed the ESR with the province of Ontario in early 2017 and we are continuing our dialogue with Aboriginal partners on material topics as part of the formal ESR review. We remain committed to completing the permitting process.

Water Discharge

Detour Gold has successfully maintained a closed-loop, zero-discharge operation since beginning production. In 2016 monitoring indicated that in order to maintain our delicate water balance we would have to discharge naturally occurring water into East Creek. Naturally occurring water is fresh water that comes in contact with mining materials; this includes rain water, and ground water flowing into the pit. Any discharge into East Creek would have to comply with strict guidelines outlined in our permit and since this water is collected and kept separate from our process water, it makes the best candidate for discharge.

We are working with regulators and the local communities to ensure we select an appropriate discharge location and that water quality guidelines used protect aquatic life.


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Stakeholders are invited to report concerns about company activities directly to us by phone or email, or through our whistleblower hotline. In addition, each of our four Aboriginal agreements has in place a formal dispute resolution processes. However, all agreements indicate a preference for direct dialogue as the first step.

We did not receive any formal dispute resolution notices or requests to proceed to arbitration in 2016. Any issues or concerns were addressed through the existing implementation processes and ongoing dialogue.



Detour Gold is actively involved in several groups that advance business leadership in sustainable development and the mining industry: