Planning Our Legacy

DMA: Closure Planning

Detour Gold’s mine closure plan, which has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, outlines how affected land will be rehabilitated once mining ceases, and the costs of doing so. Internally, the plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that closure objectives match operating activities. These reviews can also identify opportunities to use more effective environmental controls during the life of the mine. Externally, we provide annual reports to regulators and aboriginal communities on our research and progressive reclamation progress. Throughout the year we also share our findings with industry and academia by participating in conferences at home and abroad.

Ongoing stakeholder consultation occurs through an integrated closure planning group, which includes our Aboriginal partners. In 2016, after three years of commercial production, we sat down with our partners to update the plan and ensure it remains relevant and incorporates new issues, research and practices. The goal is to manage the land, water and biodiversity in a way that promotes safe and sustainable use by those most likely to occupy the land once the mine closes. Our multidisciplinary approach involves individuals from academia, industry and communities and includes components such as traditional ecological knowledge, biology, ecology, landscape architecture, hydrology and geotechnical engineering. We expect this work to result in amendments to the closure plan in 2017.

Detour Lake Mine Closure Plan


As a single asset company, the Detour Lake Mine closure plan is the only plan managed by Detour Gold. The financial assurance currently associated with the Detour Lake Mine totals $48.4M and is projected to increase to $113.8M once the mine is fully developed (further to our 2017 Life Of Mine Plan). Additionally operating costs are allocated for ongoing research and testing of various closure approaches.