Opportunities to Grow

DMA: Training

We want to promote long and fulfilling careers with Detour Gold, not just jobs. As a young company with a long projected mine life, we offer employees both the time and opportunity to grow their careers. In return, the company benefits from a capable, stable and enthusiastic workforce.

We recognize the importance of continued education and professional development for retaining top talent. Learning is seen as a shared responsibility – employees have the obligation to assume responsibility for their own development, while the company has a duty to create an environment that is supportive of their efforts and aspirations. In addition to internal training opportunities, financial support for external courses, conferences, workshops and seminars is available.

In 2016, we established a centralized Training and Development department within Human Resources to oversee all training and development activities at the Detour Lake Mine site. This has enabled us to ensure a coordinated effort on employee progression plans, implement standardized training delivery methods and apply a global perspective on employee development.

Through the use of progression plans, employees are able to develop knowledge, skills and abilities in their position while also being compensated at higher rates of pay based on specific performance criteria. In 2016, more than 100 employees were promoted within a progression plan.