Creating Careers

Our people are the foundation of our success and we need to create a culture and opportunities that reward, fulfill and inspire them. The longer they stay with us, the more they learn and the more meaningfully they can contribute to our business and to the future of northern communities.

DMA: Employment

Our Human Resources Statement sets out our commitments to our people, which include:

  • Fostering a sustainable, engaged and highly productive workforce
  • Developing responsive policies and practices that inspire continuous improvement
  • Cultivating effective employment relationships with our Aboriginal partners that best serve our mutual goals and respective interests
  • Complying with all legislative requirements
  • Respecting and encouraging work-life balance
  • Creating an environment of involvement, credibility, opportunity and challenge, enhanced by diligent team building and the encouragement of cohesive teamwork

Our success in achieving these commitments is tracked through employee engagement surveys and forums such as town hall and joint employee-management committee meetings.

2017 Goals

2017 Goal How We’re Going to Get It Right
Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

With over 20 years of mine life ahead of us, our people are as valuable as gold. In 2017, we are focusing on a reduction in voluntary turnover at the mine site (less than 10%) and in our corporate office (less than 7%)

  • Increase employee engagement activities and track progress formally through our bi-annual employee engagement survey and informally through weekly Visible Felt Leadership visits, monthly Joint Collaboration Committee meetings and quarterly town hall meetings.
  • Improve recruitment practices to make sure we are hiring the right people for the right position.
  • Improve pre-employment medical exams to ensure candidates are fit for work and able to participate fully.
  • Revise our hiring procedure to ensure all prospective candidates visit our mine site so they experience site life first-hand and are fully informed.
  • Improve camp life by installing a new gym and over the coming years build a new camp facility.
Advance our Safety Journey

In 2016, we formally declared our safety journey, Committed to Zero. We have worked hard throughout the year to build and strengthen our safety culture and in 2017 we’re going to continue to strive for zero injuries.

  • Enhance training and development to enable our employees to continue to work safe every day.
  • Continue our successful Visible Felt Leadership program, where management and superintendents spend two hours per week visiting work areas and speaking with employees.
  • Conduct area inspections to audit TASCards (Task Assessment Safety Cards) and personal protective equipment use for compliance.
  • Create a HSMS steering committee to guide the HSMS implementation.
Emphasize Aboriginal Culture and Support a Positive Experience for our Aboriginal Employees
  • Provide Aboriginal employees with access to resources that support their personal well-being while at site and ease their transition into camp life.
  • Continue cultural programming, which fosters awareness of Aboriginal culture and traditions with our broader employee groups.
  • Establish a working group to identify additional opportunities to enhance the Aboriginal employee experience and improve our Aboriginal retention rate.
Align with the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC)

As part of our safety and environmental stewardship, we want to align our business with industry leaders in safety. Accordingly , we intend to become a signatory member of the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) in 2017. Signatory members are expected to follow the Cyanide Code’s principles and standards and any operation must achieve specific goals and objectives in order to be certified in compliance.

  • Register with the ICMC and become a “Signatory” member.
  • Develop an action plan towards certification.