Detour Gold’s mission of Getting it Right is a commitment made by every employee to do each task the right way and to get better as we go. It’s how we create value in our business and for our many stakeholders – both for today and for the long term.
- Paul Martin, CEO

2017 Sustainability Report

Our GRI Journey

In our 2016 Sustainability Report, we committed to aligning our future reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. As a first step, we focused on the GRI aspects (topics) that we deemed to be most important and applicable to our operation.

For this year’ s report, we conducted a peer review to help us better understand reporting trends and best practices in our industry. We have also improved disclosures on certain material aspects. All GRI-related information can be found in our GRI index, the link to which can be found at the top of this page or in the final few pages of our report.

Our journey continues into 2017 as we develop a deeper understanding of our stakeholders and the material issues important to them. We will document our materiality assessment process with the objective of providing meaningful, relevant and transparent information on our performance to stakeholders, rights-holders, community members and our employees.

Case Studies