Working Together

Mining can play a significant role in helping build strong, resilient communities. We recognize the importance of creating conditions in which both the community and our business can flourish, and commit to engaging with local stakeholders and supporting their social, economic and environmental priorities.

Detour Gold respects the cultures, lifestyles and heritage of the communities that host our operation and strives to build mutually beneficial relationships based on openness, honesty and trust. We create value through local employment, procurement, training and skills development, as well as taxes paid. We invest in health, education and social programs that contribute to vibrant, sustainable community life.

G4-EC1, EC8, Economic performance DMA, Indirect Economic Impacts DMA

In 2016, our economic contributions* included:

  • 817 full-time, permanent jobs, 50 full-time temporary jobs, and 391 contract positions
  • $83 million paid in wages and $2.9 million paid in benefits
  • $4.1 million paid to the company pension plan
  • $155,701,383 spent on goods and services purchased from northern Ontario businesses
  • $674 thousand in grants and donations to community initiatives corporately and through the Detour Gold Foundation

*Note: This does not include specific educational, cultural or other funds provided to our Aboriginal partners.

2017 Goals

2017 Goal How We’re Going to Get It Right
Engage Meaningfully with Communities on our Closure Plan Amendment

Building on our efforts from the 2014 closure plan amendment engagement, we intend to further increase engagement with Aboriginal partner communities as we prepare a follow-up closure plan amendment. We want to ensure our Aboriginal partners have the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in the process.

  • Conduct workshops with our Aboriginal partners to gain insight on their vision for land use following mine closure.
  • Work with local land users on vegetation studies and incorporate relevant traditional ecological knowledge into the decision-making process.
  • Disseminate a request for proposal to develop modelling and planning for test trials for parts of the plan that require additional information and research.
  • Update the format and content of the closure plan amendment to reflect our discussions with the community.
  • Ensure the closure planning document is presented in an appropriate, clear and straightforward way.
  • Submit the closure plan amendment to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.
Increase Aboriginal Employment Levels at the Detour Lake Mine

We are focused on improving our employment rate for individuals from partner communities. By incorporating teachings from the past, we intend to use a more creative and collaborative approach to recruitment and retention. We plan to create more clarity around our working relationships and further empower the employment and training coordinators.

  • Identify and address barriers to recruitment for Aboriginal community partners.
  • Continue our successful employment training programs (e.g., the Aboriginal Women in Mining program).
  • Create opportunities within our partner communities for individuals to be pre-screened for employment with Detour Gold. These potential employees can be contacted as soon as we have a vacancy.
  • Develop clear protocols with each of our Impact and Benefit Agreement (IBA) partners to govern our working relationships in the areas of employment, recruitment, retention, and employee communication and engagement.
  • Increase our presence in IBA communities by attending job fairs and social gatherings where employment opportunities can be highlighted.
  • Develop a more proactive relationship with Employment and Training Coordinators (ETC) to enable them to deal with issues as they arise.
  • Create opportunities for greater discussion and more collaborative working relationships with ETCs, including developing and administering employment protocols.
  • Increase the level of employment among our IBA partners.
  • Implement the aboriginal supervisory training program for eligible IBA partners and ensure the program is active in the first half of 2017.
Support Youth in our Partner Communities

We are committed to building bright futures for youth, and supporting the next generation of community leadership. In 2017, we hope to encourage the next generation by working with community leaders to deliver programs aimed at improving student success in education, athletics and cultural growth.

  • Work with Taykawa Tagamou Nation on their summer student program by supporting costs and providing opportunities for career development and health and safety training.
  • Continue our commitment to post-secondary education in the Métis community through our bursaries at Northern College and College Boreal in Timmins, Ontario.
  • Continue support for youth athletics at events such as the Little NHL hockey tournament (hosted by Moose Cree First Nation in 2018).
  • Continue support of annual community cultural events, including the New Year’s Eve Pow Wow in Cochrane, the Moose Factory Sun Dance and the Gathering Of Our People (GOOP).